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Tel : +32 43 80 90 46   ●   Gsm/Handy/Cell : + 32 470 59 39 72   ●   Efax : +32 42 77 89 40     Email:

We are ready to meet you and to assist you in all aspects of your logistics and are willing to answer all your questions and concerns.

Jean Vanderwaeren
Administrateur - Gérant
Hereby we inform you of the creation of the company
Located rue Commandant Naessens 47, B-4431 Ans Loncin.
Charters & Transports Vanderwaeren
is specialized in the transport of goods of all kinds by road.
From the single unit pallet up to full trucks and complete loads, we work on all European destinations and lines (U27 and others, including Turkey and Russia).
ATV LOGISTICS offers a solution in transport, storage, handling,
consulting and logistics management.
Our strengths are based on one hand on professional experience, industry and 
management for over 40 years in the Liège basin and on the other hand on 
practical experience in the transport for 10 years.
We can offer you competitive prices and rapid, precise and secure solutions to 
your logistics and transportation problems. The simplicity of our 
organization, its availability and flexibility are our other advantages.
​Commercial and operational services available in 6 languages allow you to 
optimize your costs and your service to your customers.
​Do not hesitate to contact us according to the details below.
Charters & Transports Vanderwaeren, ATV LOGISTICS
Solution in transport, ATV LOGISTICS
Our strengths, ATV LOGISTICS
Price and competitive solutions, ATV LOGISTICS
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